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Gold License
WAV Lease (Untagged MP3 + Wav File
With this gold lease you receive a untagged MP3 and Wav File
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Platinum License
Unlimited Lease (Untagged MP3 + Wav + Trackedout/Stems)
With this platinum lease you receive a untagged MP3 and Wav and all Stem Files
Exclusive License
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Exclusive (Untagged Wav + Stems + Exclusive rights)
With this exclusive license you get (Untagged Wav + Stems + Exclusive rights)
Exclusive rights can only be granted after contacting us and a successful negotiation


Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

What are leased beats?

Beat leasing is a popular option for artists beginning their careers and independent artists who need access to affordable music production. It’s a great option if you want to get your music out there to build up your fan base and catalogue. On the other hand, if you’re ready to level up, invest in yourself and are preparing to release an album with a budget behind it, exclusive rights would be your best option. A beat lease is a contract (agreement between producer and artist/label) that allows the artist to use an instrumental beat to record a unique song or ‘Master Recording’ for use in demos, mixtapes, promotional use, etc. Beat Leases always come with limitations on distribution amounts (number of sales) and rights. With a beat leasing contract, the producer maintains full ownership and may continue to sell the instrumental until an exclusive license is purchased for it, after which it can no longer be sold again. Any artists who had leased the beat before the exclusive was purchased would not be affected until their beat lease contract reaches it's termination deadline.

What are exclusive agreements?

Purchasing an exclusive rights agreement are common for professional artists, independent artists with a budget and breakout-ready-artists. Having exclusive rights to a beat is necessary when you’re at the level when you expect to sell more songs than the beat leasing distribution limits or have a marketing and promotional budget behind your project. Exclusive rights for a beat legally names the artist as the exclusive owner to use it in creating a 'Master Recording'. It gives you as an artist full ownership of the beat to the extent that you will be the last person to purchase it. The artist has exclusive rights to the instrumental and it will be removed from the site, not available for anyone else to purchase. In addition, this contract will never expire.

What file formats do you offer?

There are three music file formats that are offered depending on the type of lease purchased. For standard leases the buyer will only receive an untagged MP3 file. For premium leases the buyer will receive an untagged WAV file. For buyers that choose the exclusive agreement, they will receive the untagged WAV file as well as all audio stems tracked out.

Do you offer other music services?

Yes, we do have other music services available - Professional audio mixing, mastering and custom beats are also available to customers. Send us a note.

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Music Producers, Freq Beatz' and 'Frisco Beats' make up Fiya House Music. Together, this music production powerhouse has over 30 years of experience in the music industry. "We will let our beats speak for us." Fiya House Music - We Got That Heat For Y'all!

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