About Freq Beatz

Who is Elijah Qasim, artistically known as ‘Freq Beatz’? Well, where do we start?

Elijah started in the world of music entertainment in his early teens where he was an independent songwriter, lyricist and performer known as ‘Jah Born’. Eager and determined to get into the music industry, Elijah performed at numerous venues throughout the NYC circuit; winning talent competitions while gaining valuable experience and picking up followers and fans along the way.

Elijah quickly came to realize that to make it in the music business and be successful, he would have to be business savvy and travel the road of an independent. Along with his peers, who were also independent artists and producers, they decided to invest their monies into purchasing music gear to start producing and recording their own music. This opened doors and allowed them to work with other independent and established artists of today. The money earned from renting out their home studio allowed them to open their very own commercial studio and start their own company, Our Time Entertainment, Inc.

In 2006, Elijah and his partners established Our Time Entertainment, Inc. This company provides musicians and other industry professionals with songwriting, music production, audio engineering, artist management & development and a state of the art recording facility to record their music.

At this point, to further his career in the music business, Elijah felt that it was imperative to further his education and decided to attend the Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan, NY. It was here where Elijah received technical training in audio engineering (recording, mixing and mastering), audio/video production and also learned the business of music.

Upon graduating with honors in 2008, Elijah was immediately offered an internship at one of the top major record labels of the world, Sony BMG. Elijah worked in the Video & Content Production Department before landing his second internship with popular record label, Jive Records of the Zomba Label Group. This opportunity allowed Elijah with to work side by side with some of the biggest names in A&R, including Barry Weiss, Wayne Williams, Mark Pitts, Dave Lighty, Jeff Sledge, Mickey “Memphitz” Wright and Larry Campbell. It was here where Elijah gained exposure and a reputation in the music business while learning the day-to-day operations of a major recording concern.

In 2019, is when Elijah took on the artistic name of ‘Freq Beatz’ and teamed up with fellow producer, Salaam Higgins, artistically known at ‘Frisco Beats’. Together, they launched a music production powerhouse known as Fiya House Music, Inc., where they compose, write, produce and mix the best of urban music.

Elijah’s drive, determination, leadership and passion for music, proves to be a winning combination; assisting him on his journey and climb up the ladder of success. Be on the lookout for this young, black entrepreneur.